Your Future Self Thanks You

Chronic stress contributes to diseases of nearly all body systems putting you at risk for cardio-respiratory illnesses, hormone imbalances, chronic inflammation and more.

The good news is easy, non-invasive stress relief options are available. The benefits of holistic, meditation & mindfulness based stress relief techniques like Reiki, yoga, aromatherapy & guided relaxation, are recognized by world class medical institutions like Johns Hopkins, Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic and more.

I’m here to help you on your path to wellness. Grab a discounted 4 pack (30 or 60 minute increments) when you book your service, click the button below or go to the Gift Certificates page to grab this special deal for yourself, family, friend or anyone who needs an extra boost to de-stress and be at their best. Most services are available in person and virtually by Zoom.

I’m always here for you – reach out by text, email, social media or chat before/after your class. Let’s work together to create your wellness plan. I look forward to seeing you soon.

With light & love,

Leah Hartman

Founder & Owner

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