Have a little Cheer

Right now, I see so many people who do amazing, wonderful things every single day of their lives stressing over “everything that still needs to be done” before Christmas. Give yourself a break.

It’s not about perfect decorations – they come down in a few weeks & no one remembers what they looked like in a month anyway. It’s not about getting the cards to everyone – those go in the garbage by the end of January & no one remembers who sent what. It’s not about piles of gifts – many of those will be in a donation pile or trash can before this time next year. It’s about togetherness. About winding down. About sharing LOVE.

So, give yourself permission to buy the foods that you don’t like to make. To put up only the decorations that YOU love. To send the e-cards (they’re more fun anyway – often animated with music). To give the gift certificate instead of searching forever for the “perfect gift”. To kick back with a warm beverage in your favorite socks and simply BE with the people who mean the most to you.

Sending light and LOVE to you all this season.