UPDATE I Am Yoga Warrior

3.26.2021 – Thanks to all of YOU, we made it to ROUND 3!! Keep those votes coming – I need to place in the top 5 to get to round 4.

I’ve been selected to compete in the I am Yoga Warrior 2021 contest. This year’s winner gets a $10,000 grant for training, studio improvements, etc. AND a 2-PAGE FEATURE ARTICLE IN YOGA JOURNAL!

Help me put our space on the map! Visit https://iamyogawarrior.com/2021/leah-hartman and use your FREE daily vote today!

Voting starts March 9 at 1pm EST, you can vote once/day for free!

Not sure about distance classes? Try a FREE sample class here!

Maybe you’ve tried classes with some free online service and didn’t like the “distance”. I get it. Practicing with an instructor that you know is SO much different.

Distance classes at Shanti Yoga Love are livestream via Zoom, so you CAN ask questions and interact with me if you choose (video library coming soon). Here’s a quick sample of a gentle yoga class. You can get a feel for my teaching style and decide if you want to try some of those new distance classes.

Follow this link to your free sample class: https://youtu.be/PgIsFbNa3J8

Craving communication while you practice? Schedule a private yoga lesson in studio. Staying distant? Private lessons available via Zoom so you can interact with me while staying distant.

Check out the pricing page for information on membership, class package and private session costs. Have questions? Send an email to yogalvh@gmail.com or a text message to 440-381-8099 for assistance.